I am so impressed with these incredible, new, talented local fashion designers whom really have their finger on the pulse of what’s taking place in the fashion industry. Robin Barrett has “without a doubt”, created the new standard of luxury and accessibility in womenswear.


Robinetta ‘Robin’ Barrett is a Los Angeles-based CEO, fashion designer and boutique owner. Originally born and raised in the Washington D.C. area, she was inspired by her grandmother’s vintage clothing collection to create a curated vintage line. That inspiration came to fruition when she launched her very own vintage boutique entitled Vintage Expresso in 2011. Her intentions were far more than met the eye. As a Pre-Medicine student attending Syracuse University, she used her vintage line as a platform for community service. She took her knowledge of service and fashion to create a brand that transcends all generations and platforms.   Netta Los Angeles   In 2014, she sponsored a “Connect and Collab Networking Event” that invited clothing brands to attend as vendors and sell their products. It was designed to encourage over 100 entrepreneurs and business owners to collaborate with other businesses in order to build their brands and promote partnerships.   Netta Los Angeles   Netta Los Angeles   When she relocated to Los Angeles in 2015, she then created her very own signature line entitled NETTA Los Angeles, which is short for her legal name Robinetta. NETTA Los Angeles specializes in domestically-made jumpsuits that exude opulence and luxury for the everyday woman. Her clothing has graced many modern-day social influencers like Claudia Jordan, Vida Guerra, YesJulz!, Crystal Westbrooks, Julia Kelly, and India Westbrooks. Her custom designs are created for the royalty and true beauty women of all shapes, sizes and colors possess. Not only did she create NETTA Los Angeles to bridge the gap between sexy and sophisticated, she also continues to be heavily involved in the community. She has sponsored numerous back-to-school drives, coat drives, after school programs, luncheons, fundraisers, charity galas and outreach initiatives. Her mission is to empower women to feel great inside and out.   image   Recently in 2016, she has relaunched and revamped her first boutique Vintage Expresso and renamed it Shop VX. Shop VX is a marketplace for curated brands ranging from luxury street wear to high fashion. The unique quality of Shop VX is their emphasis on branding, promoting and creating social media content for emerging brands. Robin continues to focus on building platforms to empower others.   Netta Los Angeles   Netta Los Angeles   Website: www.shopnetta.com, www.shop-vx.com Business IG: @nettalosangeles @shop_vx Personal IG: @therobinb Photography: @wanthy_d

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