THE AALIYAH Infinity Jumpsuit



THE AALIYAH Infinity Jumpsuit

The classic jumpsuit crafted with a luscious stretch mud cloth fabric. The design features two long stretchy ties to be comfortably molded to wrap around your form and a wide leg bottom. Carve out your own style and sculpt your unique vibe whether it’s a trendy one shoulder upper, a covered wide sleeve, or a dramatic Diana Ross style neck wrap. The minimalist cream and white print coloured with eco-friendly dyes highlight the design. Effortless sensuality, sacred coverings, and timeless style merge in a silhouette that will flow with your body through all your life changes. Guaranteed to be one of the most comfy additions to your wardrobe. A piece to stand the test of time.

Mudcloth is a sacred fabric made in Mali. It is worn during transitional, initiatory, and dangerous phases in a persons life where the cycles of life, death, and rebirth meet. Hunters, children entering adulthood, and women who have just given birth bear this cloth as a form of protection.

Cotton Jersey Blend:
Lighter weight, thick cotton-like jersey fabric. Suitable for Spring/Summer/Fall weather and more casual style. Choose this blend if you want a more light weight flowing fabric.

Satin Jersey Blend:
Heavier weight satin-like jersey blend. Suitable for cooler weather and/or more dressy occasions. Choose this blend if you want a heavier fabric that will hold in your curves and shine as evening wear.

All garments are made to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for construction before shipping.

Sustainably made in Canada.