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” Valentines Day ” moments in Moschino*

  Well made, classic cut clothing never go out of style. No matter how simple or ornate the details are on a garment, you can always go to your closet and pull out that “piece” that will always make a statement in any occasion…. I can’t “quit” my open toe Giuseppe Zanotti stilettos…. I should say, I wont […]


Welcome to “EnTouch Fashion.” Casual California days in this spring like winter weather…. You may be new to my blog, which may be the case for most since I haven’t blogged in merely 8 months. Life has its challenges as we all know but trials and tribulations have never jaded my heart and mind . What I want in […]

ARMSTRONG AND WILSON: Men’s Fashion Accessories

In 2009 Ontario Armstrong and Clifton Wilson combined their creativity to introduce a new variation in men’s fashion accessories: pocket squares, not intended for the typical “square” guy. In a time where fashion is as subjective as art, it takes someone with expression of individuality and flavor to stand apart from the masses.   The […]


Happy Holidays Everyone, The Brett Johnson Collection is an incredible up & coming luxury menswear line that is one of “ETF’s” 2015 favorite fashion brands.              Talented 26 year old fashion designer Brett Johnson is clearly making a name for himself. Outside of being the lone son of Black Entertainment  Television (BET) co-founders Robert and Sheila […]