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ARMSTRONG AND WILSON: Men’s Fashion Accessories

In 2009 Ontario Armstrong and Clifton Wilson combined their creativity to introduce a new variation in men’s fashion accessories: pocket squares, not intended for the typical “square” guy. In a time where fashion is as subjective as art, it takes someone with expression of individuality and flavor to stand apart from the masses.   The […]


Happy Holidays Everyone, The Brett Johnson Collection is an incredible up & coming luxury menswear line that is one of “ETF’s” 2015 favorite fashion brands.              Talented 26 year old fashion designer Brett Johnson is clearly making a name for himself. Outside of being the lone son of Black Entertainment  Television (BET) co-founders Robert and Sheila […]

Italian/ African Multicultural Designer Stella Jean ” Man F/W2015 Collection

Stella Jean is one of Milan’s rising fashion stars. Stella Jean is the not only a brand name but the name behind the  Italian-Haitian designer herself. Colorful multiculturalism and avante garde silhouettes have preordained her runway success worldwide. Mixing and matching of different visual concoctions give a sense of authenticity and awareness for pure design. […]

2015 Menswear Sportswear Guide PT I/Media Play PR

Concepted with a fascination for premium materials, Matiere(the French word for material) was founded in 2013. Inspired to combine innovative fabrics with modern silhouettes to create fashion forward menswear, Matiere looks to consistently evolve and push the boundaries of fabrication, while always maintaining a clean, understated, and refined point of view. Proprietary wool indigo cotton, wool blend for their M65 jackets […]

Boutique Spotlight:Leisure Life NYC

  Ever feel stumped when you find yourself perusing through racks of polyester? Leisure Life NYC is nestled in a section of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn and is the answer for your next big existential fashion crisis. An assortment of menswear fashion is carefully scattered throughout this alcove, almost reminiscent of your teenage bedroom, only tripled […]

“Street Style” Tommy Ton At 2013 Milan Menswear Shows

Tommy Ton always captures street fashion perfectly! Menswear shows in Milan is no different, and in my opinion, its even better. There is nothing… I repeat nothing like a “Sharp Dressed Man” OMG!! Check them out. Looking good too ladies.